The Bachelor degree, three-year studies in the field of humanities, with a practical profile, preparing for the profession of a language consultant in a company (language intermediary).

The basic purpose of the concept of education is to focus on its practical application and usefulness of the competences obtained by graduates - the structure of the field assumes the need to transfer skills and competences adapted to the current conditions of the job market, in line with its needs. The concept also assumes a combination of current academic knowledge and the effects of progress in the scientific disciplines to which the learning outcomes relate, with the practical experience of lecturers and experts. Shaping entrepreneurial attitudes as well as other competences among students of English Philology, increases their attractiveness on the job market. Students are prepared to enter the job market and take up new professional challenges by fluently mastering the English language, developing skills and competences facilitating functioning in a multicultural business environment.

Duration  - 6 semesters  (Bachelor)


  • Intercultural Communication / Language in Communication Systems;
  • Cultural and Realist Studies of the British Linguistic Area / British Society;
  • Cultural and Realist Studies of the USA / American Society;
  • Language Acquisition / Bilingualism and Multilingualism;
  • English Language Stylistics / English Language Culture;
  • English for Business / English for Presentations;
  • English Media Studies / Pop Culture in the  British Press;
  • English for Negotiations / English in Law;
  • English in Logistics and Shipping / Technical English;
  • English in the Hotel Industry / English in the Tourism Industry;
  • Interpretation of a Specialist Text in English / English at Workplace;
  • Business Correspondence in English / Professional Documents in English;
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