The Bachelor degree in Geodesy and Cartography is based on a practical profile of studies. The education process takes place through various lectures, labs and tutorials during which students receive a wide range of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in  all branches related to geodesy. The aim of the course is to introduce students to the fundamental principles of geometrical and physical geodesy. Attending the 3.5 years engineer degree pro-gram students have the opportunity to  critically review the application of above principles across the geodetic and wider surveying spectrum. Students get to know geodetic documentation for legal purposes, learn how to prepare it, learn to work in a team and perform various functions in it, communicate with specialists from various industries as well as negotiate work-ing conditions. The field of geodesy and cartography educates in the field of widely known applied geodesy, the aim of which is:

  • determining the location of objects of geographical space,
  • collecting extensive data resources about the objects of this space,
  • providing comprehensive information about these resources in a processed, highly usable form for economic, administrative and defense purposes.
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